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Ericdotes - A collection of stories in appreciation of Eric Robinson - geologist, polymath, raconteur.

AAPG Wallace Pratt Memorial Best Paper, co-authored with Tor Sømme, Erik Lundin and Bjørn Tørudbakken

Global Chief Scientist and Advisor to the Director at EGI Utah (July 2019).

Table-top geological tour of Texas with Erik Lundin (May 2019).

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society (October 2017).

Cratonic basins — their origin and evolution.
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AAPG Distinguished Lecture Programme

Europe Tour, May 2016.

Snapshots from a two week trek, zig-zagging across Europe talking about Arctic and Atlantic geology to universities, geological societies and student chapters. These pictures are from the Zabreb leg of the tour, in the lecture hall of the national oil company (INA). The hall is notable for being the place that the national parliament of a newly-independent Croatia was first convened.

The tour was sponsored by the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) as part of their Distinguished Lecturer programme.

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