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Ericdotes - A collection of stories in appreciation of Eric Robinson - geologist, polymath, raconteur.

AAPG Wallace Pratt Memorial Best Paper, co-authored with Tor Sømme, Erik Lundin and Bjørn Tørudbakken

Global Chief Scientist and Advisor to the Director at EGI Utah (July 2019).

Table-top geological tour of Texas with Erik Lundin (May 2019).

Lifetime Achievement Award from the Petroleum Group of the Geological Society (October 2017).

Cratonic basins — their origin and evolution.
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Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award

AAPG Best Paper (November 2019).

Proud to be a co-author on the paper that received the American Association of Petroleum Geologists Wallace E. Pratt Memorial Award for the best bulletin article published each calendar year.

The paper titled Triassic-Paleogene paleogeography of the Arctic: Implication for Sediment Routing and Basin Fill was co-authored with Tor Sømme, Erik Lundin and Bjørn Tørudbakken.

Tor was without doubt the driving force of this paper, which was one of the spin-offs from Equinor`s Arctic project.

It was a great experience working with a brilliant young geologist Tor Sømme and a really cool team.

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Information on the award can be found at the AAPG website.